Frequently Asked Questions

What do you consider a "senior" dog?

We do our best to take in Old Friends who are a minimum of 10 years old. It is not an exact science; most often, age is based on the best guess of animal control officers and/or the veterinarian providing services for that facility. Since large breeds generally have a shorter lifespan than smaller breeds, we do have more small dogs at the sanctuary than large dogs.

How can dogs come to live at The PAWvillions? / Can you help this dog?

We ONLY take in dogs from local Middle Tennessee animal control facilities or other rescues/shelters; sometimes from other areas within the state and on rare occasions from neighboring states if we have the space and resources to help. We do not accept surrenders from the public under any circumstances whatsoever. Almost all our dogs are from Wilson, Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, and Sumner counties’ animal control operations. All of our dogs have either been surrendered to those animal control facilities or were found by them as strays. 

If you are trying to help a senior dog outside of the Middle Tennessee area, you can visit Saving Senior Dogs USA for a list of other senior dog rescues in the USA. (This is not a complete list of senior dog rescues; just those who are members of Saving Senior Dogs USA.)

Do you adopt dogs out? / What does "forever foster" mean?

We do not offer a traditional adoption. Our arrangement is Forever Foster.

With our Geezer Guardian program, a dog can spend the remainder of its life in a home with a family or individual. Legal ownership of the dog remains with Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary. Approved Guardians sign a contract stating that in the event they can no longer provide a home for the dog, they will return their Old Friend to the sanctuary and will not place the dog with animal control, another rescue, or another family or individual, etc. We provide veterinary care and medications for each Old Friend for the rest of its life. This is provided here at our clinic, by our veterinarian and staff, and any veterinary specialists to whom we may refer, if such intervention is indicated.  This is not an arrangement in which Geezer Guardians vet where they choose and Old Friends covers the charges. We also provide the monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventives for our Old Friends in forever homes. Geezer Guardians must live within 100 travel miles of our location here in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. We do not want the distance-to-vetting to be unduly burdensome for our forever families. Also, this distance limit makes compliance more likely with our requirement to return the dog if the home can no longer be provided. Potential Geezer Guardians can read more information and complete the application here. We provide other ongoing support as needed with consulting, equipment when available, training, grooming, etc.

Can people come in to just visit/walk/play with the dogs?

No. This is not a public facility. It is our dogs’ home. Because we offer a home-type environment, there are ~120 dogs at the sanctuary moving about freely in small groups. They are older, and many of them become anxious with a parade of strangers in their space. We do, however, offer supervised tours four days a week. You must reserve your space online in advance of your visit. Click here to schedule your tour.  We do ask for a $10 donation to reserve your tour space. We take a maximum of six people on each tour. Tour participants must be age 5 or older. These times are the only times that visitors can walk through the Sanctuary and meet the dogs.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! We are always accepting volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please click here and complete the form to request more information and a link to our volunteer application. We do not offer short-term, internships, remote, or vacation volunteer opportunities at this time. We are hoping to offer something like this in the future, but are currently unable to do so. This also applies to service hours/court-ordered community service.

Volunteers MUST BE 16 years old and up. Those 18+ can sign-up for all volunteer opportunities (Admin Dogcare, Compassionate Care, Dog Walking, Laundry, Socialization, Splash Pad Monitoring), however those 16-17 may volunteer on their own for Admin Dogcare or Splash Pad Monitoring, or with a trained parent/guardian for Laundry or Socialization; Compassionate Care and Dog Walking are only available for ages 18+. Once your application is submitted, our Volunteers Coordinator will contact you with times and dates of orientation sessions. The orientation is required before you can serve. This is a proactive safety measure to guard the wellbeing of both dogs and volunteers.  

How are you funded?

We are primarily funded by private donations. The average donation is about $25.

How can I make a one-time or recurring donation?

Please click here to make a one-time or setup a recurring donation. You can also mail a check to us at 765 Nonaville Road, Mount Juliet, TN 37122.

How can I make a tribute donation or sponsor a dog?

Click here to make a tribute donation or to learn how to sponsor an Old Friend.

I have an issue with a donation I made through Facebook...

Donations made through Facebook are transacted through the Facebook Pay system and we have no access to this, or to your payment information. Please use this link to contact them for a refund if an error has been made with your donation: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/1937556639801443/?ref=u2u. We cannot refund your money from our side. Please be assured that Facebook transfers donations to us in their entirety. No processing fees are withheld.

What donations do you accept other than money?

Thank you for considering donating to Old Friends!

Our Amazon wish list has items that we need and use. Other than items on this list, we always welcome new or lightly used leashes (regular leashes with the clip on the end; not retractable leashes, double leashes, etc.), pet beds, harnesses, blankets, towels, and sheets. If you have items to donate, please email info@ofsds.org to make sure they are items we need and are currently accepting. Please do not drop off items at the Sanctuary without having obtained confirmation that we are accepting these.

We sometimes accept dog food. Each of our dogs is on a diet unique to their health needs. We primarily use Purina ProPlan, Hill’s Science/Prescription Diet, and Royal Canin dog food for Old Friends at the sanctuary, though we will accept other brands for Old Friends living in forever homes. We are unable to use expired dog food. Open bags are welcome if the food is still fresh.

We do not need furniture, crates, kennels, toys, treats, bowls, collars, pillowcases.

We do have a small Gift Shop at the Sanctuary. All profits go directly to the care of the dogs living at the Sanctuary. The Gift Shop is open from 10am-5pm, Monday through Saturday. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Apple Pay.

Where are you located?

The PAWvillions is located about 20 miles east of downtown Nashville. Our address is 765 Nonaville Road, Mount Juliet, TN 37122.

How else can I help?

Very thoughtfully consider your commitment and responsibility to a dog FOR ITS LIFETIME, BEFORE you get one.

Have your dog spayed or neutered.

Be an advocate for welcoming a rescue dog from a shelter or rescue rather than purchasing from a pet store or breeder.

Help us spread the word about our mission and love for senior dogs. 

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is a Forever Foster Home based Sanctuary in beautiful Mount Juliet, Tennessee, generally housing approximately 120 senior dogs at the Sanctuary and others in temporary and Forever Foster Homes. While providing lifetime homes for senior dogs, OFSDS strives to raise awareness of the joys and challenges of living with older dogs. We are a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. We do not concern ourselves with the quantity of time that they have left, rather the quality of the life that we can provide them for that time.