of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary Terms

BONDED: two or more dogs who were previously in the same home together, exhibit signs of being codependent, and must be placed into the same home together (ex. bonded pair, bonded trio)

COMPASSIONATE CARE: an area of The PAWvillions for dogs who may be considered hospice, are recovering from intensive surgery, or have extremely limited mobility

FOREVER FOSTER: similar to adoption, but OFSDS retains legal ownership of each Geezer so we may provide and cover the cost of all medical care for the remainder of each dog’s life; an adoption with benefits

GEEZER: an Old Friend who has been placed into a forever foster home

GEEZER GUARDIAN: a person or family who is forever fostering a Geezer

GEEZERVILLE: an area of The PAWvillions where the majority of our Old Friends reside; this area comprises of five main dog rooms, each with its own yard (Bone Appetit, K9-5, Station Waggin’, Rover’s Reserve, and Pooch Promenade)

GRANDPAW’S GARDENS/THE GARDENS: the location of OFSDS from February 2017 – June 2021

HOME GANG: a group of Old Friends who live at home with our founders as their beloved personal dogs

LIFETIME RESIDENT: an Old Friend who will live the rest of their days at the sanctuary, either due to their need for frequent medical attention or because their personalities are not suited for a home environment (ex. people-aggressive, severe anxiety)

OLD FRIEND: a senior dog who finds their way to OFSDS; usually aged 8+ with medical needs

SUITES: an area of The PAWvillions where dog-selective or dog-aggressive dogs reside; this area comprises of 10 individual suites complete with personal yards

THE PAWVILLIONS: the current location of OFSDS since June 2021