Old Friends Dog Game

Available on Android and iOS

Welcome to Old Friends Dog Game, where – just like the real Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary – love never grows old! This free-to-play mobile game is made by a studio in New Zealand called Runaway, and is based on our actual Sanctuary! It features real Old Friends and their true narratives, and gives players an opportunity to create, build, and maintain their own senior dog sanctuary.

Runaway makes games inspired by nature, with a focus on relaxing, wholesome, and nurturing gameplay. Their Creative Director Emma and Narrative Designer Lisa have been superfans of OFSDS for years, and in 2018 they pitched the idea of making Old Friends “The Game.” We loved the concept, and began working with the Runaway team throughout development.

After a few years of hard work and collaboration, Old Friends Dog Game officially released in August 2021! The game and Runaway supports our Sanctuary by sponsoring a REAL Old Friend every month that the game is profitable through optional in-app purchases. This provides our dogs with a comfortable retirement and includes high-quality vet care and food! We also have Old Friends Dog Game merch in our Gift Shoppe and Shirt Shoppe, and all proceeds from these items directly benefit our senior dogs.

Find out more about Old Friends Dog Game here and watch the trailer below!

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is a Forever Foster Home based Sanctuary in beautiful Mount Juliet, Tennessee, generally housing approximately 120 senior dogs at the Sanctuary and others in temporary and Forever Foster Homes. While providing lifetime homes for senior dogs, OFSDS strives to raise awareness of the joys and challenges of living with older dogs. We are a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. We do not concern ourselves with the quantity of time that they have left, rather the quality of the life that we can provide them for that time.