Abner-Small Dog for Forever Foster-Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

From his Geezer Guardian: “How do I describe a legend? Stoic, determined, stubborn, food driven, funny, naughty, and fiercely lovable to all people and animals. We became pretty inseparable. We were together at home, on our drives, and at work for 8-hour days. I was lucky enough to tell his story in the newest Dogumentary. Prone to bouts of pneumonia (5 in our 18 months together) Dr P. counseled me during those times. When his health started declining, we worked on his bucket list. On the top of the list was marrying Mabel, who he met in Mattie’s Mobility. It was a beautiful day for all involved. Dr. Sessions from NVS always called him ‘tough old Mr. Abner,’ until the last time he saw him when he said, ‘tired old Mr. Abner.’ He was right. He was tired. We love you Abbydabby. Loved and missed by us all, in particular, his very good friend Sweet Pea. Forever in our hearts.”