Baby Shark & CJ

“Greetings! We are Baby Shark (10-year old male Dachshund) & CJ (10.5-year old male Shih-Tzu), a sweet and spicy bonded pair! I, Baby Shark, love to play and am obsessed with balls: I like to fetch, catch, hold, and chew! I’m a funny little guy with a big personality, and I’m not afraid to show it off! My other half, CJ, is a real superstar: when we arrived at the sanctuary, he could barely walk and it was determined that his back was broken and he was not a candidate for surgery. After weeks of regular physical therapy, CJ has regained some mobility and has even been outfitted with his own set of wheels! We are now both able to enjoy going on walks together, and boy do we love it! We are so excited to have found our perfect Geezer Guardians and now have a home of our own! We also have some super cool new names: Sherlock (formerly Baby Shark) & Dr. Watson (formerly CJ). If these are any indication of the adventures to come, count us in!”

Baby Shark & CJ’s food and medical care are sponsored by Monica Chapman. Thank you, Monica!