Abner-Small Dog for Forever Foster-Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Here at OFSDS we like to refer to Beau as “Office Manager”. Why? Because he has this adorable way of always being near you as if he is micro managing your projects! What kind of dog is Beau? We had no idea either until someone donated a DNA test for him. His results are Beagle, Maltese, Chihuahua and Miniature Schnauzer. Beau has limited mobility and an intensive medication regimen. For this reason he will remain a perminant residant of The Gardens. Here he can live stress free for the remainder of his happy life. If you want to help a dog like Beau consider fostering one of his friends at the bottom of the page. 


Beau’s medical expenses are sponsored by Michelle Buzek! Thank you Michelle!


Sponsor Beau

By sponsoring one of our dogs living at the sanctuary you will help give them a comfortable retirement, provide medical care and food!  You will be recognized on the sponsored dog’s page for your one year sponsorship. All of our dogs receive a thorough veterinary exam, blood work, possible teeth cleaning and extractions, vaccines, and microchips. Some of the dogs also need laser therapy for arthritis, chemotherapy, hip surgery and many other specialty services. With your sponsorship you can help provide quality vet care!
You are able to choose to sponsor food for 1 year for $500, medical care for 1 year for $1,000 or all expenses for 1 year for $2,500.
If the dog you are sponsoring passes away during your time of sponsorship your donation will be used to provide quality vet care to another senior dog in our program.

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