“Hi, I’m Bella, a spry 7.5-year old Yorkie with attitude! Here is an entry from my diary that I think you might enjoy:


‘Dear Diary, I recognize that I am a very beautiful girl. I also know that when people see me they think, ‘Oh I would love to take Bella home and love her forever!’ While I appreciate this sentiment and am indeed looking for my forever home, I feel it is important to be upfront with potential Guardians: Yes, I am very cute and sweet, but upon meeting me I may not come off this way as I am fearful of strangers. I feel as though they are going to swoop me up and take me somewhere I do not want to go. It takes a long time for me to warm up to someone but, once I love you, I will love you deeply and forever.


A couple other things about me: I see the chiropractor and receive laser treatments once a week for my legs and lower back. I wrote the book on being independent: I want to go where I want, when I want, and when I am done being there I want to leave. I am not really housetrained but I am willing to work on it with someone that might be home often. I think it is important to also mention that I can be very vocal; I sometimes feel compelled to let the humans know when I want something or am just feeling chatty.


You might think you know me by how precious I am in my photo, but you really don’t. However, this is not to say that you can’t get to know me! If you are a person of patience and willing to understand that I carry a little baggage, I could be the perfect dog for you. In closing, Diary, I know there is someone out there to love and be loved by unconditionally. To that human: Don’t be shy, show yourself!'”

Sponsor Bella

By sponsoring one of our dogs living at the sanctuary you will help give them a comfortable retirement, provide medical care and food!  You will be recognized on the sponsored dog’s page for your one year sponsorship. All of our dogs receive a thorough veterinary exam, blood work, possible teeth cleaning and extractions, vaccines, and microchips. Some of the dogs also need laser therapy for arthritis, chemotherapy, hip surgery and many other specialty services. With your sponsorship you can help provide quality vet care!
You are able to choose to sponsor food for 1 year for $500, medical care for 1 year for $1,000 or all expenses for 1 year for $2,500.
If the dog you are sponsoring passes away during your time of sponsorship your donation will be used to provide quality vet care to another senior dog in our program.

Hi, Future Geezer Guardian!

Our primary goal at OFSDS is to find lifelong placements for senior dogs where they can live the remainder of their lives as a part of a family. Most of our Old Friends that you see at the Sanctuary are available through our forever foster program.

Through sponsorships, donations, and grants, we provide medical care and basic needs to the dogs living in forever foster homes.

Being a Geezer Guardian to an Old Friend is different than fostering for other rescues in that we hope that our Guardians will be forever homes for the remainder of their Geezer’s life. Geezer Guardians must be within 100 miles of Mt. Juliet, TN, as we expect our Old Friends to continue seeing our in-house veterinarian. If you live outside our 100-mile radius and would like to adopt a senior dog, we recommend contacting your local shelter as there are many senior dogs in need of loving retirement homes. You may also consider sponsoring an Old Friend by clicking “Sponsor” on that Old Friend’s profile page!

Because our main goal is to place senior dogs in safe, lifetime homes, we do not charge any fees. For more information or to apply to be a Geezer Guardian, click here.