From his Geezer Guardian: “Duke was the best friend that everyone dreams of having. His loyal, loving, sweet and silly demeanor brought more joy into my life that I ever could have imagined. From our first day, Duke and I were smitten with each other. It was as if we’d been together his entire life. Whether he laid in the floor or on the sofa, he wanted to touch me. In the floor he rested his paw or head on my feet and laid his head in my lap on the sofa. In so many ways he showed me every minute of each day how much he loved me. The love in his eyes was genuine and sincere. Duke’s favorite game was tug, either with an old blanket or a rope. He loved belly rubs and was ticklish behind his legs. His worn out hips and knees never slowed him down. His body had aged, yet his mind was all puppy. With all of my soul, I will treasure the 379 days we shared and the bond that we had.”