Freddie Mercury

“Hi, everyone! I’m Freddie Mercury! I may not have the same talents as my namesake, but I am just as famous (in my own mind)! I am a sweet, loving, and all-around Good Boy. I am blind in my right eye and have limited vision in my left eye, but that doesn’t hinder my quality of life at all. I also have advanced arthritis in my right shoulder and disk issues in my neck that causes my back end to be a bit wobbly. I feel so lucky to have found my forever home with one of our longtime Geezer Guardians! I’m joining a family full of love alongside Old Friends Lincoln Parker, Annabelle, Bambi, Chloe, Smoozie, Cookie Dough, and non-Old Friend Caramel, and can’t wait for the adventures we’re sure to have together!”

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