Jed-Small Dog for Forever Foster-Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Jed is a wacky little guy, who doesn’t even know how delicate he is. He is ready to follow you up a mountain or attend Mardi Gras with you… he probably shouldn’t though. He unfortunately was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, and is receiving chemo treatments for it. He doesn’t let that get him down though! He is one little guy that’s always in a great mood!

This handsome guy is Romo! He is a Jack Russell and has the energy to prove it! He likes being active and would love to go on adventures. He loves chasing water from the hose and likes feeling like he is involved and helping with chores. He is a bit storm phobic, and sometimes feels a bit safer in a crate. He loves a good scratch on the back, and just needs a forever buddy to follow around!

Ask Us About & Meet Jed!

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Hi Forever Foster Parent(s)!

Our primary goal at OFSDS is to find lifelong placements for senior dogs where they can live the remainder of their lives as a part of a family. Most of our Old Friends that you see at the Sanctuary are available through our forever foster program.

Through sponsorships, donations and grants we will provide medical care and basic needs to the dogs living in our foster homes.

Fostering for OFSDS is different than fostering for other rescues in that we hope that our fosters will be “forever” homes for the remainder of their Old Friend’s life. Although adoption is not expected, we will sometimes allow our fosters to adopt dogs from us, however, all adoptions must start as Foster Families. Foster homes must be within 100 miles of Mount Juliet, TN.

Because our main goal is to place senior and un-adoptable dogs in safe, lifetime placements, we do not charge any fees.

Please click here for more information and/or to complete an Application to Foster for OFSDS.

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