Lil’ Titus

“Hi, I’m Lil’ Titus! I’m a sweet Bichon Frise! I am considered a Lifetime Resident here at the Sanctuary as I have some health concerns that need to be closely monitored. I’m okay with that, because I know I’m receiving the best care and am loved on daily by our staff and volunteers! If you would like to help one of my friends, please consider donating or applying to be a Geezer Guardian!”

Sponsor Lil' Titus

By sponsoring one of our dogs living at the sanctuary you will help give them a comfortable retirement, provide medical care and food!  You will be recognized on the sponsored dog’s page for your one year sponsorship. All of our dogs receive a thorough veterinary exam, blood work, possible teeth cleaning and extractions, vaccines, and microchips. Some of the dogs also need laser therapy for arthritis, chemotherapy, hip surgery and many other specialty services. With your sponsorship you can help provide quality vet care!
You are able to choose to sponsor food for 1 year for $500, medical care for 1 year for $1,000 or all expenses for 1 year for $2,500.
If the dog you are sponsoring passes away during your time of sponsorship your donation will be used to provide quality vet care to another senior dog in our program.