“Greetings, my public! Have you been awaiting me? I’m Mack, aka Macaroni, Mick-Mack, Stud Muffin, Party Animal… okay, okay, I’ll pretty much respond to anything. I’ve been serving as the Old Friends mascot for a few years now, and am honored to represent my con-stick-uents here at the sanctuary. I use to suffer from a terrible case of glaucoma, but Old Friends took great care of me by having my eyes removed. I know it doesn’t sound fun, but trust me – I am for the better in all ways, and you would never know I’m blind (unless you move my bangs aside)! For a long time, I also experienced high anxiety and was unable to be fostered because of it, but after lots of work and patience, I’ve finally found my forever home!”

Mack is fully sponsored by Runaway Play! Thank you, Runaway team!