Pink Pink & Sheba

“Hi! We’re Pink Pink (female Chihuahua) and Sheba (female Shepherd mix)! We’re an ‘odd couple’ of sorts, though we have lots in common: we are both people- and dog-friendly, have a good balance between enjoying playtime and naptime, love being loved on, and are the goodest girls ever! We are so happy to have a loving forever home and can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

From their Geezer Guardian: “Despite coming to us at twelve years old, Sheba was young at heart, bursting into ten-minute spurts of energy we called the ‘Sheba Sillies.’ There was little she liked more than trampling a bush, rooting through the trash, or cuddling with her best friend, Pink Pink. We feel blessed to have known her and wish her many fluffy snowbanks and rotisserie chickens across the Rainbow Bridge. She will be missed.”