From her Geezer Guardian: “Sage was beautiful and spunky. She was the absolute sweetest love bug. She loved every person and every dog she met. We will miss the way she would wait for us to wake up in the morning and then run from one side of our bed to the other to say good morning as soon as she knew we were awake. Or how she’d dance around when she knew she was getting fed. Or how her butt would wiggle uncontrollably as she ran up to greet you when you came home. Sage came to our home and immediately fit in as if she’d always been here. She was the perfect BFF for OF Jake. She let him be in charge and loved him unconditionally. They played so well together. OF Jake misses his best friend dearly. He’s looking everywhere for her. Sage, you made such a large impact on our lives and you will forever hold a huge place in our hearts. RIP baby girl. We will love you forever.”